Whole Body Harmony
Whole Body Harmony
therapeutic harp & energy work for all


On this journey to discover our Truth, I offer a space where we can explore the power of Love through Intent, Trust, Letting Go and Healing.

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Energy Work

for balance

Everything and everyone is energy. The study of physics agrees we all operate at a vibrational level. Can be done absently, also known as distant or remote healing.


Therapeutic Harp

for calming and energising

Music therapy can assist with mental, emotional & behavioural problems – the harp is one of the most intriguing forms of this therapy


for health and wellbeing

Meditation has many benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to enhancing self awareness

Whole Body Harmony

Therapeutic Harp & Energy Work for All

Achieve Calmness

Obtain relaxation or release

Be energised & invigorated

Whole Body Harmony


I can so highly recommend a healing session with Vimukti.  I have found that when I come to her for a healing, those feelings of being frazzled, overstretched and ungrounded vanish after a beautiful healing session with her.   I especially love the angelic healing that Vimukti facilitates.  I have always found her spirit and energy so gentle and open in being a wonderful channel and she is also so caring and grounded.  I come away from these sessions feeling deeply peaceful and grounded and relaxed.  Thankyou Vimukti.

xxx Marina Pribaz

Energy work with Vimukti has, for me, been nothing short of astonishing.

I have no doubt that Vimukti is a healer and in the energy work we have done together over the years I come closest to understanding what that means.

I still don’t really understand what happens but it always feels ‘just right’; at times a powerful shift as the work finds its way, at other times a gentle, rich feeling of becoming more in tune with myself when I have strayed too far.  It is always deeply nourishing.

Elaine Atkinson

We are essentially energy. So if you want change, work with a healer who knows energy-and that is Vimukti. Without too many words, Vimukti, offering a variety of modalities, finds the way to what you need.  I have never walked out without feeling a shift, understanding something and feeling grateful.

Cheers, Pamela Oakley

For more than 10 years I have visited Vimukti for massage & energy healing. From the moment you enter the property & the beautiful healing space, Vimukti’s authentic presence allows you to fully relax & experience a profound sense of peace. The healing works on many levels, always aligned to what is needed at that time. The benefit to my health and growth over the years has enhanced every aspect of my life.

Petrina Harold

I had moved into a home that a hoarder had been living in … it seemed my home and my life was in constant turbulence after I moved in … I finally got Vimukti to do a cleanse around the house and in the garden … it was in a matter of days that everything became clear .. I felt the house became more peaceful … and that the turbulence in my life really really started to settle .. my life has turned around significantly… and I feel that Vimukti’s cleansing of my surrounds was the best thing I could have done … she is a beautiful soul and a truly special person.

Vicki Jackson

My regular energy work with Vimukti resonates for weeks afterwards. The joy begins on the short walk to her studio set amongst a natural garden and overlooking a tree lined valley. Sometimes I’ll look up from the massage table to see kangaroos feeding close to the window. Vimukti is a master healer and the whole experience with her is remarkable.

Sherri McIver

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