The core of my belief is we all come from the one source of energy… call it light, call it love, call it cosmic energy… this is what connects us.

I believe we are all here to help each other however we can. I have a deep fascination for feeling vibration. I love exploring ways of tuning into and using energy frequencies to assist us.

The name Vimukti was given to me when I was in training to be a yogic nun. Vimukti means: “one who helps others to get to their liberation/truth”.

I am a trained yoga and meditation teacher, naturopath, masseur, energy worker and certified therapeutic harp practitioner.

I draw on my life experiences and training to provide a service with the intent “what is best will be.” My spiritual background and lifestyle gives me faith in the power of this intent.

I believe we are our own healers and in my practice I am here to help facilitate healing. Whether I am using the harp or my hands or chimes or weavers, they are the bridges that help us connect, trust and let go, so that energy may flow.

By treating everyone and everything with kindness, we could live happier and healthier lives. From the tiniest of micro-organisms to the greatest of beings, we need each other to expand into our true power. We are all one, and we are here to help each other on the journey home.

“Baba Nam Kevalam”                 

Love is all there is.

Vimukti’s IHTP Story