Music Mondays at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

When I arrive Pam and/or Shannon usually have someone in mind for me to visit. Often it is a traumatised new arrival who may or may not be used to humans. It might be a resident who has become unwell or someone who has lost a companion. The types of scenarios are endless and unthinkable. Do we humans really mistreat such sentient beings so! How fortunate it is for anyone who finds their way to the loving care of all at Edgar’s Mission.

There are usually quite a few on my list to visit.

I like to start with each being by sitting quietly for a few minutes and clearing my head. I ask for what is best will be. I may play around with striking different notes, playing in different octaves and keys. I try to find what the being seems to relate to. Often I start with a gentle rocking between two notes and exploring various combinations until I find what seems to feel best, what is resonating. I may use known melodies that can lead me into improvisation, as I stay with what feels right for the being I am with. Maybe they need to be uplifted or calmed or soothed by a lullaby. In finding and maintaining the appropriate rhythm, sound and tempo the animal may feel a sense of safety. We are cradled in sound. It is an amazing feeling. Every being has their very own rhythm their very own tune and I am so very grateful and humbled to get this opportunity to explore this with everyone at Edgar’s Mission.

“Every visit is its own new adventure for us all!”