Vimukti's IHTP Story

As a younger person I was athletic. As an adolescent and young adult, I picked up the paintbrush to express myself through colour and took up the drums to speak out. I come from a natural therapies background, having spent my adult years training and working as a vegetarian cook and instructor, a yoga and meditation nun and instructor, a disaster relief worker abroad and in Australia, a naturopath and wellness instructor, a masseur and instructor, an energy healer, a wildlife rescue volunteer and, more recently, a certified therapeutic harp practitioner.

My music background is playing double-headed drums whilst dancing and singing kiirtana. It is natural to me and I can experience deep states of devotion, surrender and oneness when drumming to kiirtana.

One day I woke up and thought I would like to learn a new language. Mmm Spanish or…how about music? What instrument, something new? In the course of that very day and having never giving any thought to it ever in my life before, the harp was mentioned to me a few times. The harp it would be.

I picked it up, put it down for years. This was a ‘yes-no’ relationship which was going nowhere until a friend gave me a Christina Tourin CD to use in my naturopathic practice as background music. It quickly became a favourite. Then I discovered IHTP. It was a way to learn the language of music, to learn the harp and to do service. Perfect. I enrolled in the IHTP prep school, still dragging my feet and having a yes-no-yes-no attitude, but never quite giving up. Then a few years ago, when I had a near-death experience whilst in San Diego for an IHTP harp gathering, something started to shift. Over the next year I lived the IHTP program, looking deeply into myself, having ‘aha’ moments and letting go. I have fallen in love with the harp and the power of what intent and sound vibration can do.

Here I am now, passionate about IHTP training and wanting to do whatever I can to make it available to all people, no matter whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced harpist. To be able to provide therapeutic harp for all people, for all animals, for all plants and basically for the entire Universe. Experiencing the power of striking one string!

I am open to exploring where harp therapy takes me.

In my professional practice at I include therapeutic harp as a complementary modality. Currently, in this modality I work with people in dementia care, palliative care and general aged care. I also work with animals (domestic, farm and wildlife) in various settings.

I have recently become an IHTP Mentor and IHTP-AU Affiliate Representative as the Director.


Vimukti Warr