Absent Healing
(also known as Distant Healing or Remote Healing)

Energy is not constricted by the human concepts of time or place. By focussed intent, energy may be worked with, without the limitations of time and space.

If someone cannot be physically present, there is no reason not to have a session with me. I can offer them an Absent Healing.

I like to communicate with the person to find what they need help with and what intention they wish to put into the session. I ask if they have a preference of modality and, if not, I use my intuition to choose what healing modality is best for that session. I may use a combination of techniques.

It is preferable that a person is in a calm, quiet place. I try to make a session time beforehand, but if this is not possible, I will do the healing in the early morning or evening.

I like to use a proxy such as a pillow or a teddy bear whilst I stay focused on the person and the intent. I may use other supportive tools, such as flower essences, crystals or sound, if it feels right and with the person’s permission.

Every session is different and I trust that what comes through is what is appropriate for that person in that moment. During the absent healing I write down anything that comes to mind that should be shared. Communication between us after the session is important.

People can request a session on behalf of someone else as long as permission has been given.

Pic taken by Karel
Pic taken by Karel
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