Music Wednesdays at Edgar's Mission

It is such a privilege to be invited to work with rescued animals at Edgars Mission each Wednesday. I often wonder who is gaining the most out of our interactions, me or whom I am with. Actually, I think we all get something out of the experience.

I go there as a therapeutic harpist but I may also provide some reiki or massage as needed.

There is always someone new for me to visit and the list of regulars is long. I visit the barn to see who is there and to check in with staff to see who they would like me to visit. I will prioritise who is in greater need such as a traumatised new arrival or someone recovering from surgery or someone who may not make it and so on. I then visit those on the list for regular sessions. The time goes by very quickly. When I can I visit permanent residents who were once on the regular list but are now out in the fields enjoying life thanks to the love, kindness and security Edgars Mission has to offer.

It would be wonderful if there was no need for Edgars Mission to exist but whilst there is I am so grateful it does and so very grateful to be there.

Here is a YouTube link to Maple’s rescue (in loving memory)

Here is Maple’s introduction to the harp (in loving memory).

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